About us

General Service Srl partners have been working in insurance claims and loss adjusting sectors since 1985 and have enriched their experience with remarkable skills in assessing damages both exceptional and recurrent.

A plurality of challenging and important jobs, performed in many places in Europe, Africa and South America, is the best evidence of company professionalism and ability to work in multicultural environments.

Territorial coverage
General Service can guarantee fast response in Tuscany, Umbria and northern Sardinia.

Offices and service locations

Sited in Arezzo, Florence, Grosseto, Pistoia, Prato, Perugia, Sassari, Siena.

Technical staff

About 25 collaborators supported by several consultants who are experts in disciplines such as civil engineering, hydraulics, plant engineering, safety, photovoltaic systems, gas turbines, petrochemicals, architecture.

Quality Control & Back Office

2 employees always available and able to coordinate the various jobs and tasks on the field.

General Service provide insurance claims services also through a large network of specialized companies, repairers, maintenance companies, artisans and professionals, operating in covered areas.
For major or CAT events, we collaborate anywhere, in Italy and abroad, with partners of LANS and their networks.

Strengths & Expertise

General Service carry out a great deal of jobs, about 4,000 per year, mainly in the following insurance lines:


A1 – Property

A2 – Public Liability

A4 – Product Liability

A5 – Business Interruption


C1 – Traditional Adjusting

C3 – Video Inspections


D1 – Housing

D2 – Public Buildings

D3 – Road Bridges & Tunnels

D4 – Railroads & Undergrounds

D5 – Dams Reservoirs & Other Major Works

D6 – Decennials


E1 – Power

E2 – Manufacturing

E3 – Others

General Service have the skills to manage events both minor and major, both recurrent and exceptional, such those regarding road bridges and tunnels, railroads and undergrounds, dams’ reservoirs, etc. In our curriculum there are several claim settlements of considerable value, which reach up to € 80,000,000.

Company character

Our approach

How we work

We encurage:

  • High specialization and quality targets within our organization
  • The search for relationships and partnership with top-level professionals
  • Establishment of teams on local or global basis, that include all the necessary skills
  • Multi-professional interaction to achieve the best results
  • Participation in loss adjusting industry associations, such as ANPRE and CINEAS

General Service S.r.l.
Via G. D’Arezzo, 15
59100 Prato

Tel: +39 0574 639665
Fax: +39 0574 547022
e-mail: ggl@general-servicesrl.it