Our services are related to most insurance and financial claim and loss adjusting domains.

A flexible approach with innovative solutions, cut out for event nature, complexity, or issue severity.

We deal with different insurance claims, risks and loss adjusting challenges you are exposed to, concerning business lines such as property, liability, business interruptions, environmental pollution, BBB and crime, real estate & household, CAR, EAR, marine, etc.

LANS: Your unique partner all over Italy, thanks to:

Nationwide coverage
Executive offices and service locations throughout Italy, supported by an appropriate IT and technological infrastructure, which guarantee fast results, more efficiency, cost reduction.
Plans on demand & dedicated managers
Structured and customized plans, directed by dedicated managers, to achieve better results ensuring supervision and accurate carrying out
step by step.
Qualified and experienced professionals
Numerous professionals, covering a wide range of technical skills, are on hand to set up management teams requiring specialized and/or multidisciplinary knowledge and great insight into the subjects involved.
The service you need when you need it.